The Hungary in Medieval Europe Research Group took part in the roundtable workshop to commemorate Szabolcs de Vajay.
Coat of Arms and Families

Department of Medieval Studies, Central European University - József Károlyi Foundation 
October 13, 2014 


A conference on heraldry and genealogy will be held at the Károlyi Mansion Fehérvárcsurgó on October 13, Monday (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.) organized by the Central European University, Budapest and the Károlyi Foundation, Fehérvárcsurgó.

Szabolcs de Vajay was an outstanding international scholar of genealogy (family history) and heraldry (interdisciplinary studies of coat of arms). He was a leading cultural diplomat for UNESCO, a key figure in the intellectual life of the Hungarian emigration after World War II and an internationally acknowledged scholar of social history, genealogy and heraldry. The conference intends to continue the academic research tradition initiated by him. In the first part, three key note speakers, all well-known scholars in the field of heraldry and genealogy (Michael Pastoureau, Michael Göbl, Christian Settipani), will speak about general research issues. In the second part, students and faculty members from CEU and of other Hungarian universities (Pécs, Debrecen, ELTE, Pázmány Péter) will present their research results.


Attila Bárány (University of Debrecen): The St. Michael Order in Noble Tombstones in Later Medieval Hungary

Attila Györkös (MTA-DE "Hungary in medieval Europe" Lendület Research Group): Représentations héraldiques dans les manuscrits de Pierre Choque: Discours des cérémonies du mariage d'Anne de Foix” (1502)

Ádám Novák (University of Debrecen): Seals of Noblemen in the Fifteenth Century